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About Us

ProdTrack, with its immutable and decentralised approach, has a goal to improve the way a commodity is tracked, stored, transported and sold to the consumers globally, generating transparency and efficiency in supply chain record keeping,

The Platform

ProdTrack enables more accurate and transparent end to end tracking in supplychain : building a streamlined process with –¬†

  • Better insights about supply chain events
  • Verifiable (immutable) records of every transaction
  • Maintaining quality through auditability

ProdTrack offerings

ProdTrack ensures traceable supply chains, real-time logistics, fast secure and trustworthy transactions. This blockchain based platform can raise efficiency and transparency in global supply chains.

Build trust with supply chain partners

Share data securely with suppliers

Improving product tracebility


Increases Security

No previous records can be manipulated as the database is only extendable. If someone wants to add any new transaction , all the people involved in the network will have to validate it first.

Increases Speed

Smart contracts used here automates the ownership of the goods and authorise the releases of payments. Money moving faster is directly connected with a faster supply chain activity.

Increases Integration

Using  Blockchain, the digitisation in supply chain reaches to a high level, which further increases the potential for integration and convergence of systems and technologies.

Fully Scalable

The transaction load in supply chain increases significantly thus the scaleable design of blockchain handles high volumes of transactions, which are likely in any supply chain.

Consensus algorithms

Consensus plays a vital role : peer nodes reach an agreement for validating the current state of the distributed ledger, maintaining integrity, security and achieving reliability in the network.

Highly Efficient

The architechture makes it impposible for any actor involved in the supply chain to manipulate data thus increasing the efficiency and traceability in the production chain.

Our Pilot Implementation

Track your supply chain activities on a distributed network : facilitating secure transactions, increasing efficiency and building trust.

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