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Blockchain in healthcare

An efficient and effective  supply chain management has been a challenge in every industry however in healthcare there is an additional complexity/risk as the supply chain can directly effect the patient safety and health. Medical records within developing countries are documented on a paper and stored in hospitals or clinics.  This poses a trouble when the patients move or when the location is destablished

Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture, ship and supply products face trouble in tracking their products, allowing counterfeiters to insert counterfeit drugs into the system. This situation is observed in many countries world-wide. In a recent study by the world health Organization, drug counterfeiting has been identified as a global problem.Failure in the health supply chain evidenced by the transnational trade in fake medicines,medicine shortages, stock outs and security vulnerabilities in connected medical devices, illustrate high stakes nature of this sector in comparison to the other industries.


Major challenges faced in healthcare supply chain sector are as below:-

  • Low transparency & poor automation(manual effort-intensive, costly and prone to human error)
  • Risk of fraud
  • Lack of trust
  • Compliance cost

These challenges could be addressed with superior supply chain practices that are digitally enabled with blockchain technology.

Prodtrack’s , Blockchain technology is a solution for improving security, data provenance and functionality of healthcare supply chain.

The process involves medicine tracking and tracing, sterilisation verification , detection of any suspicious products and strict guidelines for licencing and reporting.

ProdTrack also holds an assurance to improve the value of care and bring down the cost via enhanced supply chain management and interrelated medical institutional organisation

Our Process

The data stored in the Blockchain distributed register on the identification of drugs produced by the plant, as well as records of their movements throughout the supply chain, can accurately determine the authenticity of pharmaceutical products lying on the shelves of pharmacies.

The design system which is based on Blockchain technology significantly simplifies the process of drug turnover control for authorized state body and with its decentralized approach, ProdTrack increases information security.


  • Connectivity across payments networks
  • Instant, on-demand settlement
  • Real-time traceability of assets
  • Low operational costs


The scope of ProdTrack in healthcare supply chain is promising as it helps to solve some of the pressing issues afflicting the industry. Blockchain technology plays a crucial role in improving the healthcare system and reforming the future of healthcare.

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