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Seafood business is one of the world’s oldest and the quickest flourishing sectors in the global food market. Seafood that is caught in one part of the globe might change hands dozens of times undergoing several form of packing and processing before reaching its ultimate destination. It is virtually not possible to trace the seafood from its origin in the entire supply chain journey.

Regardless of being the largest, this domain is repeatedly unregulated and unreported. There are high number of people who prefer going with all kinds of illegal and unethical ways to perform the fishing activities. Analysis and associated media have highlighted Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) activities including fraud in the global seafood industry.



Seafood law-breaking are done in various ways for example: – overfishing, disposing, lower quality, inappropriate food status or giving incorrect data (mislabeling) etc.

The four major challenges a company has to face with regard to their seafood product supply chain approach as listed as under:- 

  • Improper storage conditions      
  • Manual record keeping·      
  • Illegal , Unreported and Unregulated(IUU) fishing·     
  • Mislabeling/Seafood fraud 

Problem To Solve

ProdTrack which is a fully traceable supply chain developed by Blockchain helps to eliminate such unethical and illegal frauds in the seafood industry, making the whole process transparent. ProdTrack stores every piece of information, entered at every phase, by the supply chain actors .

This application may be a payoff for lots of fishers and fish farmers who harvest the seafood we consume while we can harvest the information we need.The nature of the long-line fishery allows for each fish batch landed on a shipping vessel to be tracked by affixing tags before its placed on to the hold. This tag follows the fish batches and registers automatically at various devices positioned on the vessel

This tag is usually removed at the time of packaging and is swapped with a unique QR code which goes with the seafood batch to the store or market.  At each step the actors involved in the different stages of supply chain scan the QR code on packaging and enter piece of information maintaining a story of the fish batch.


Our Process

ProdTrack platform enables users to create solutions for the supply chain with Blockchain application which also offers a specific ability for firms to share hand-picked information with the customers and by also sharing the provenance or traceability.

  • Connectivity across payments networks
  • Instant, on-demand settlement
  • Real-time traceability of funds
  • Low operational and liquidity costs


Its clear that blockchain based ProdTrack, will inevitably change the face of supply chain traceability for seafood industry. By being decentratised , distributed and immutable it ranks among the technologies that can be genuine game changers in the seafood sector.

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